Manufacturer Product WARRANTY

Exchange/Return policy


1. 30 day money back guarantee after initial purchase.

2. 90 days exchange for same model if any manufacturer defects of following sort occur:

       - Broken or ripped case/packaging (not water damage)

       - Damaged or broken blade and handle 

       - Damaged adjustable or flat screw (doesn’t mean after dropping them which will be covered under lifetime service warranty)

       - Rust

     Just pay shipping and handling. 

Lifetime Service Warranty:


Balton honors “Manufacturer Lifetime Service” warranty on all of our shears for their lifespan whenever a service or repair is required. All our models should be sharpened by us to keep the Lifetime warranty as we are the original makers of “Balton” shears and only one who can restore them back close to their authentic/original condition each time they need service or repair.

“Manufacturer Sharpening Service”

Sharpening, Polishing & Balancing

Each Shear: $25.00 (plus S&H)


Any Shear can perform at its best capability for years and decades if kept properly serviced when needed. It is just like periodic oil change for a motor vehicle, periodic physical at the doctors, dry cleaning for clothes etc. Each shear and hairstylists have unique needs of service and repair depending on their use, how often used, if they are dropped, something other than natural human hair are cut with them etc. Some might require service more often than others depending but not only limited to the above mentioned things. 

We have been providing expert Sharpening service to thousands of professional hairstylists all over DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and everywhere else from conveniently 30 min outside the nation’s capital since 2007. 



Mail your shear(s) for service 


Call to schedule onsite Sharpening service appointment

(Distance and min quantity applies)


Wrap your “Balton” shear(s) or other shears in a secured bubble wrap, piece of cloth or in the shear case and mail them in at our address. It will take 96 hours (4 days) returning time after receiving the shears depending on schedule. 


Expedited service charges may apply if someone needs to prioritize their service and repair. 

Call before mailing your shears. 

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